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2017-04-26 - Colorado Contractor Arrested for Scamming the Elderly
This Colorado Contractor is awaiting trial but it doesn't look good.
2015-08-26 - Roofing Scam in Colorado Springs, CO
Contractor took $5,000 and run!
2014-10-15 - Roofer arrested in NBRC Fraud Case
2011-10-17 - Operation Hail
As seen on our home page. Clearly shows contractors damaging your roof so they can cash in from your insurance company.
2011-10-13 - Contractors being arrested
After watching this it's surprising to hear about contractors who will pay for your deductible. If they are willing to be arrested, what else are the "willing" to do? Looks like they are willing to do damage on your home too. Please note, using your fingers to feel the damage is a normal procedure to feel if the matting on your roof has been compromised or "bruised" by hail. Adjusters and contractors will do this. The news story insinuates that it is not normal that they do that when it is.
2011-06-02 - How to avoid roofing rip offs.
Another video showing local contractors upset about out of state contractors. Again, verifyyourroofer.com believes there are good and bad local and non local contractors. You need to ask the same questions to both. After the job is complete, how does the support system work? If the customer has a problem, and the contractor goes back home, where is the support system coming from? It's a fair question a non local company expects to get. Many non local contractors team up with local handy men to make sure their warranties are attended to.
2011-06-02 - Gypsy Contractors
Don't pay until there is at least material dropped and even then only pay partially. (amount of material)
2011-05-11 - More Storm Chasers
You have read some of our comments on non local companies. Have local companies scammed homeowners before? You bet. You have a year to complete the repair. Do your homework on your contractor. VerifyYourRoofer.com does a lot of this for you. Watch others get their jobs done and ask them of their experience.
2011-04-14 - Roofing Scam, collecting money before the job starts
We prefer to see customers pay a portion of the job when material is stocked (delivered). Handing money up front to somebody you don't know very well is not something you should do. In this video it does say, that only out of town contractors knock on doors. This simply is not true. Local contractors need to drum up business. Door knocking is a form of marketing. It may be annoying, but it doesn't make the contractor a bad company.
2010-11-23 - Collecting money before material is delivered
Calling suppliers can tell you if the company pays their bills.
2010-11-11 - New Roof Repair law
This is a good thing, unless customers don't check up on their contractor. This site is designed to do this and more.
2010-11-09 - Licensing a problem?
Unlicensed contractors probably can do your job at a reduced rate and actually do a good job. The issue is if they don't comply with local laws and regulations, it gives you an idea that they probably will cut corners in other fashions too. Stick with people that follow the rules!
2010-11-08 - Judge throws out roofing scam claims
We don't know the reasons why they were thrown out. Just to go through what this elderly lady went through seems terrible. Make sure a permit is pulled and that the contractor has a right to do the work (has a license).
2010-09-23 - Bogus Roofing Company Scams churches
Nobody is exempt from scam possibilities. If you call for a repair on a leak situation. Make sure your contractor performs a water test. Waiting for it to rain is NOT a water test.
2010-09-02 - Roofers arrested!!
Palm Beach, Florida roofer arrested!!