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Roofing scams are always one of the top 5 complaints that the BBB receives. VerifyYourRoofer.com was developed for this reason, among others, such as simple peace of mind. Generally, you can believe what your contractor tells you, but it is also prudent to verify the information. As a service to you, we do the legwork, if the contractor has subscribed to our verification process. If your contractor has not, ask him to Get Verified.

Many people who are looking to have contracting work done may only look at internet reviews and BBB ratings. This can go a long way in knowing others experiences, but even contractors with good reviews may try to cut corners. What if that company doesn’t have the proper insurances while completing your project? It doesn’t mean the job isn’t going to be completed properly, but accidents happen…will you be covered by your contractor’s insurance?

We felt it was important to have a resource like this for contractors that are doing it the right way. We also think it’s a good resource to expose the contractors that may be trying to scam you. Homeowners often get caught up in the moment during a sales presentation. They also may not know who to contact to obtain information on the contractor they are considering. They may feel uncomfortable asking the contractor directly for proof of insurance, licenses, and credit worthiness. VerifyYourRoofer.com brings all that information to one easy to use location, saving you time and frustration.